Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Forgive and Forget

Why does Easter matter to Christians?

The story "Let's Be Friends Again" by Hans Wilhelm is about a little girl who puts her brother's turtle in to the pond and it gets lost.  Her brother is very angry with her, he feels unwell, screams and shouts.  Eventually he forgives his sister.

The children thought about times when they have been angry with someone and how this made them feel.  Some said that they shouted in to a pillow, some said they felt sick and had a belly ache.

We listened to some calm, happy music and talked about how they felt when they had forgiven this person.

Have a look at some of the children's thoughts and feelings below.

Jesus' Examples

Why does Easter matter to Christians?

This week we have been thinking about how Christians and churches follow the examples that Jesus set.

We talked about the charities that we support in school, how we do this and why we do this.  We chose a charity to collect for over Lent this year and thought about the importance work that this charity does.

The children wrote about how our federation has helped charities over the past year. 

Monday, 11 February 2019

Holy Week

Why does Easter matter to Christians?

This week we thought back to what sin and salvation meant and how Jesus was sent to save us.  We then looked back at our Holy week timeline and made a tableaux for each part.

Jesus was setting an example to all of God's people during each part of Holy week, we talked about what Jesus was showing us.

We thought really carefully and hard about these things.  Mrs. Holmes was extremely impressed with what we thought and said.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Sin and Salvation

Why does Easter matter to Christians?

What do these words sin and salvation mean?  The children thought about sin first and that it is the things that people do wrong, some of the ideas that they came up with were hitting people, war, saying unkind things.  The children then looked at the word salvation alongside the word save and noticed that they have some of the same letters.

We went to the hall and put the word God one side, people the other side and sin in the middle.   One of us stood in the middle like Jesus on the cross, the word sin was underneath, we noticed that when Jesus died on the cross He was a bridge between people and God, He saved us from our sin.

Friday, 1 February 2019

The Easter Story

Why does Easter matter to Christians?

We had some fantastic acting and understanding this week in R.E.  We put the story of Easter on a time line in the correct order and talked about the importance of each part.

The children worked in groups to act out a section of the story.  They all did amazingly well and came out with some great ideas about what the characters, animals or objects may have been feeling or what they said.

Friday, 25 January 2019

Starting our 3rd enquiry

Why does Easter matter to Christians?

This week we began our new big question.

In year 1 we searched for signs of new life and found hidden pictures.  We talked about what these things show and how they link to Easter.  We then drew pictures of new life on to a grass background.

In year 2 we looked at a special Easter lunchbox.  There were pancakes, hot cross buns and chocolate eggs in side.  We talked about what these show and why they are special at Easter time.  The children then designed their own Easter lunchbox front covers and explained what they had drawn and why.

Look at some of the beautiful drawing and writing below.

Friday, 18 January 2019


Why is light important in everyday life?
Hanukkah is the Jewish festival of light.

We found out that the Maccabee army beat the king's army and then they rebuilt the temple in Jerusalem.  While they were rebuilding it they found a container of oil which would light the menorah for a short time.  It actually stayed alight for 8 days and 8 nights which showed that God was with them and that he is everlasting.

In year 2 we drew our own menorahs and wrote about it's importance.

In year 1 we decorated a menorah and talked about what we thought about it.

Next week we will begin our new big question!